Content Requirement for an Ecommerce site

How much content do you require to create an Ecommerce website?

Typically we believe that you should have at least 25 pages of content ready prior to launching your site, and 100 pages would be even better.

Does this sound like a lot?

It isn’t really, the following summary shows the core site pages and pages required for only a very small range of product offered via an ecommerce site.

Here, for example, are 17 pages, that are a typical minimum set of ‘core’ pages
required for a small set of products, 6 products in 2 categories.

Home page (index page for the site)
About us
Contact us
Privacy Page

Terms & Conditions
Shipping & Returns
Payment options
Shopping cart page

Thank you page

Product category page 1
Category 1 Product 1
Category 1 Product 2
Category 1 Product 3

Product category page 2
Category 2 Product 1
Category 2 Product 2
Category 2 Product 3