Thin Content – not like a Skinny Latte – Bad for your SEO success

Thin Content / Skinny Website Content / Short Info Pages

Unlike skinny milk, skinny lattes, low fat whatevers, thin content will cause you grief in the post-Panda SEO era.

Over the last few years, it was a fashion for many SEO practitioners to advocate generating lots of short, key-focussed (in many cases, overly keyword-focussed) article content pieces, light on info., but high on keywords.

Google has put a stop to this with their algorithm changes. Google wants users, ie web searchers, to be presented with SERPS (search engine result pages) which are relevant to the search, and containing links to useful, relevant sites, not just over-optimised spam sites which have found their way into the SERPS via clever over-optimizing SEO techniques.

So, like always, and this has never changed, give Google what Google wants, and your website/business will be more likely to achieve higher rankings. Perhaps this falls under the category of un-common common sense, but if you watch the way the wind is blowing, quality content is now, (as it always has been), the way to go.

So, join with us, in applying a Quality Content Strategy – articles, web pages, which provide relevant, useful, quality information that matches what your niche market members are looking for.

Give your market what they are looking for. By performing a search, the searcher / prospective client is indicating a demand, so if your website content addresses their queries & questions, your website is more likely to be amongst those that are selected from SERP links.

It may take quite some time for website owners to realize this, and be able to adjust their website content to meet the Google algorithm ‘preferences’ , maybe this will enable smart website owners & SEO practitioners to modify their approach and attract a greater share of the search traffic, while others languish.

Quality Content is King, as it always has been, especially for the long term.